How to earn money from Bitconnect coin mining

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This is how you can earn money from Bitconnect coin mining….


BitConnect Coin mining is the process by which new BitConnect Coin are generated. BitConnect coin can be mined with CPU/GPU and does not need an ASIC miner like Bitcoin does. There are many ways that you can mine Bitcoin as a starter . Some of them can be done by purchasing the hardware for the purpose of mining with it. You can also subscribed to some online platform and mine through them. Like the Bitcoin mining , you will be making use of Resources provided by Bitconnect to mine bitcoin from their website. 


There is a way that mining works, it is just like a group of people coming together to find solution to a particular problem. It is an open source platform. Each participant is expected to contribute to solving the problem generated by the pool. At the end of the day , they can now decide to share the profit together. It is really amazing being part of Bitconnect mining pool. 

There are 2 ways you can carry out bitconnect coin mining as a starter:

1. Solo Mining BitConnect Coin (BCC)

Setup guide to mine proof of work(PoW) block.

2. Pool Mining BitConnect Coin (BCC)

Once you are ready to mine BitConnect Coin then it is recommended to join a mining pool. A mining pool are a large group of users who ‘pool’ their resources together to solve the mathematical solution (finding a block) and the rewards are distributed proportional to work sent to the pool. 

bitconnect coin mining
To mine in a pool you first need to join following mining pool:


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