Mischa baton weight loss experience with PROACTOL XS

EXCLUSIVE: Mischa Barton: ‘As someone who naturally struggles with their weight, I’ve been using them ahead of my new film role’ Star claims to have lost 4lbs in a week by taking a mushroom supplement.




  • Mischa Barton claims to have lost weight using the new supplement
  • Is currently working on seven films and numerous projects 
  • Shot to fame as Marissa on the O.C in 2003


Mischa Barton’s weight has yo-yoed since she shot to fame as Marissa Cooper on the O.C back in 2003.

But as she prepares for her new movie role, the actress, who has been displaying a fuller figure lately, has taken matters into her own hands.

Also, Mischa, 28, has been taking a mushroom-based supplement to manage her weight – and claims she’s lost 4lbs in a week.

Helping hand: Mischa Barton claims to have lost 4lbs in a week taking a new mushroom-based supplement


‘As someone who naturally struggles with their weight, I wanted to find a supplement which worked in harmony with my body,’ she said.

‘I use Proactol XS as it has no side effects. It is sourced naturally and lets me manage my weight safely. So far I’ve lost around 4lbs a week by taking the supplement.’

The tablets contain chitosan, a nondigestible dietary fibre made from the shells of crustaceans and sourced from mushrooms, which promises to neutralise calories from high-fat content foods.

In addition, the chitosan forms a gel-like substance in the stomach. It mixes with the food and removes the fats and cholesterol from it.  This is then passed through the body naturally.



Q. Are you struggling to lose excess weight through traditional dieting?

A. Getting enough fat in your diet is essential. Many people make the mistake of thinking that to lose weight they must eliminate fat from their diet entirely.



But not eating the right, nutritious foods containing the right, healthy fats can be detrimental to your weight loss, and your health. Proactol XS will help you keep your fat intake in healthy check, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your favourite foods, guilt-free.


Q: Do you find it hard to control your appetite while trying to lose weight?

A: Proactol XS contains Chitosan, a natural, fibrous substance. Fibre is well known for its ability to help fill you up. During clinical trials, Proactol XS was found to significantly increase the feeling of fullness after eating, meaning that not only will Proactol XS reduce your fat intake, but it can also help to reduce your food cravings, allowing you more control over your eating habits.









Proactol XS isn’t just backed up by clinical studies. It’s also backed by a no-risk, no-hassle, 60 day money back guarantee!

Purchase any Proactol XS package, or take advantage of our Special Savings by ordering multiple packages and try it absolutely RISK-FREE for 60 days!

For full money back guarantee terms, please refer to our Terms & Conditions Page.

Lose weight and feel great with clinically proven, fat binding Proactol XS.


  • Lose Weight
  • Bind fat
  • Reduce Body Mass
  • Control Cravings


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