How To Minimize Bounces And Unsubscribes For Emails

How To Minimize Bounces And Unsubscribes For Emails


Now let’s see how you can minimize bounces and unsubscribes of your email and how to make sure the email content is relevant and aligns with the recipient’s expectations.



  • Make sure to send content that aligns with your recipient’s expectations: If a user signed up to your subscriber list for a newsletter, don’t send them hard sells for your product immediately.


  • Your subject line should match the content in the email: Always follow through on what you promised in the subject line in the body of the email.


  • Make sure your email cadence and frequency match up with what your recipients signed up for: If a user signed up to receive a weekly newsletter, don’t send the newsletter to them daily or monthly.


  • The above example is from HubSpot’s daily newsletter. I signed up to receive this newsletter daily and therefore have come to expect it. If I had signed up for a monthly newsletter but started receiving it daily, I would unsubscribe. They also give the user the option to change the frequency of the newsletter which we will take a look at later.

minimizing bounces and unsubscribes


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After every email campaign, it’s important to monitor the metrics on how the email performed i.e. clicks, opens, complaints and conversions.

Compare the results to previous campaigns as this may show where there is a problem

  • Review campaign open and click dips
  • Understand campaign conversions

If the content of your email wasn’t relevant it may have caused users to unsubscribe

  • Determine unsubscribes and reasons for complaints
  • Monitor for deliverability issues, including bounces


Preference Centre

A preference centre is a more advanced unsubscribe page. When a user clicks unsubscribe, instead of instantly removing them from your email lists, you can provide a way for them to change what types of emails they receive and how often they receive them.

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Above is an example from HubSpot. When you click unsubscribe, you are brought to this page where you can update your subscription and the frequency with which you receive emails.

Preference centres require more work to build and maintain but help to keep your email list healthier and reduce the number of unsubscribes.


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