Features of Milestone chart in Project Schedules

What the milestone chart really means…



Milestone chart can be seen as chart that shows the important landmarks that you have set to acheive for your project generally. At a glance, it show whether targets are acheived or not which is an indication of whether a project will run late or not.Here are some of the cool features that you need to know about Milestone chart which can be used for project scheduling in project management.


The milestone chart provides a summary level view of project schedule in terms of its milestone. When we talk of milestone in  project management , we are referring to important landmarks that must or must not necessarily happen in your project. It can also assist the project manager to understand the true picture of what is happening to his project without much headache. You can also see from this graphical presentation , the different aspect of your project where you are actually having problem . It is just that the chart will not show you how the issue can be resolved.

milestone chart

The milestone chart uses icon or symbols to show scheduled milestone event. Take for example, you want to construct a building, the completion of the foundation, first floor and second floor are all important milestones in that project.
Milestone charts are typically listed from the left to the right of the chart as well.


milestone chart
Milestone charts also have time intervals which are divided into hours, days, weeks  or months. These are always presented across the top or bottom of the chart.

The milestone chart is also effective in demonstrating the overall schedule to project team members, stakeholders , and top management in the organisation. At a glance, with the milestone chart all the stakeholders can actually look at the chart and understand the entire duration that the project is going to take as well when each of the activities in the project will be carried out as well.


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