In order to optimize speed in Microsoft Excel 2013, there are some thing that were added to Microsoft Excel 2013. Here are some them that I am going to list out in this article. The use of XML file format gave microsoft excel 2013 new capabilities in terms of spreadsheets that can now hold millions of rows and columns.


We also have a nested formula that can take up to 64 formulas at a time as well as built in support multicore processors and multithreaded chipsets which make it to be much more faster.


We have other specifications which include…..


  • The total number of available columns 16,384 compared to former 256  columns.
  • The total number of available rows is 1, 048,576 compared to former 65, 536 rows.
  • Excel can now use 1 gigabyte of Windows memory.
  • The number of unique colours allowed is now 1.3 billion compared to 56 that we have before.
  • The number of conditional formatting allowed also increased considerably.
  • The number of sorting you can perform also increased to 64 compared to former ones which was 3.
  • The number of items allowed in filter drop down also increased to 10,000 compared to 1,000 that we have before.
  • The total number of unique cell formats in a workbook also increased to 64,000.
  • The maximum number of characters allowed in a formula also increased to 8,000.
  • The number of nexting allowed increased to 64.
  • The maximum number of argument allowed increased to 255.



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