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Here are the roles of Meta Data Analyst in CRM Projects…





In my previous articles, I have talked about some of the roles that are needed when an organization needs to build a corporate information factory. Some of the roles include that of the Program Manager, Project Leader, Technical Sponsor, Business Analyst, Organizational Change Agent, Data Analyst among others. In this article, I want to look at the role of Technical Meta Data Analyst in building a successful corporate information factory. Follow me as we look at this together.

The Technical Meta Data Analyst is the member of the team that is responsible for determining and satisfying the Metadata acquisition management, dissemination, and disposal requirements of corporate information factory architecture’s technical components.
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When we talk about Metadata, I want to use this illustration. I was once part of a Geographical Information System project in Ogun State, Nigeria. My duty with other team members was to capture some information on the Metadata form. This includes some basic information about the applicants who are landowners.

Like I said in one of my articles that it is not all the information that is needed in order to know the relationship that exists between your customers.

It is the duty of the Technical Meta Data Analyst to design the overall Metadata structure that will house both technical and business Metadata. He also ensures that all data generated by the organization are integrated and loaded into the Corporate Information Factory.

The deliverables….

#1 Understanding technical metadata
It is the duty of the Meta Data Analyst to provide the appropriate technical Metadata for each of the CRM initiatives. He must help the organization to understand data better and provide appropriate transformation and integrate ruler for data generation.

#2 Understanding corporate information factory
The Technical Meta Data Analyst is also part of the Corporate Information Factory. He has to understand the roles that the Metadata is meant to play in the Corporate Information Factory. It must be able to create, distribute and manage Meta data for the success of the CRM initiative.

#3 Tool knowledge
The Technical Meta Data Analyst must be able to use Metadata tool available for the organization. Aside from that, he must be able to use other tools that will help him to create or use other tools that will help him to create, manage or disseminate metadata as part of the corporate information factory initiative.

Major challenges…

#1 Sustaining interest
One of the major challenges that a Technical Meta Data Analyst have is, how he will be able to sustain the interest of the organisation in the metadata aspect of the Corporate Information Factory.

Like the documentation aspect of the Corporate Information Factory, the meta Data is also important for the survival of the CRM initiative. The Technical Meta Data Analyst must ensure that adequate funding is made available for the metadata project.

More so, it is advisable for the organisation to purchase data acquisition tools as this software always have metadata capturing tool built into them. this also reduces the cost of maintenance of meta data tools.

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