Merchants Affiliate Marketing Strategy Explained

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If we look at our world today, we will observe that it is now a global village. The advent of the internet has changed our world completely. 
Merchants Affiliate Marketing Strategy Explained
Gone are those days that you need a large edifice in order to make money online. There are many that are creating e-books and they are able to make 6 figures in a month. All because they know how to push their products and generate traffic. The same thing applies to merchants affiliate marketing where a merchant or the seller creates products that are sold either by himself or others. Those that help in selling these products are also paid commissions to make such sales. 
To be candid with your friends, there are some mind-blowing statistics that show that being an Affiliate is the best decision you can ever make in your online career.
Here are the statistics…

  • Approximately 15% of digital media industry revenue now comes from Affiliate Marketing. 
  • According to AMNavigator, over  50% of affiliate programs fall into four categories: Fashion, sport, health, and beauty as well as travel.
  • According to Affsat, Top factors for choosing an affiliate program are product or service relevancy (18.15%), affiliate program reputation (15.97%) and affiliate network or tracking platform (11.58%).  
  • The most common place to find Affiliate programs are information on the merchant website, search on Google and affiliate network website.
  • Affiliate marketing will affect 14% of all e-commerce purchases in the United States. 
  • With the power of social media, content publishers, and a plethora of digital media readily available at their fingertips, today’s consumers are more educated and shopper savvy than ever before. 
  • According to Awin, More than 30% of affiliate generated sales originates from a mobile device. 
  • 40% of marketing professionals quote affiliate marketing as the most desired digital skill.



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