Media Consumption In Digital Marketing

Analyzing Media Consumption In Digital Marketing 


When it comes to the ways messages are been received and digested in Digital marketing, it is very different from how the same messages are analyzed or received in traditional marketing. In this article, I want to look at media consumption in Digital marketing and how it is clearly different from traditional marketing. Follow me as we.look at it together in his article.

Media consumption in digital marketing

When we are looking at how traditional media and digital marketing media works, there are four categories where we can compare the reach between the two sets of media.


#1 Reach

When we are looking at the reach of a particular type of media, it has to do with the number of people that are exposed to that type of media. If we will consider the number of people consuming traditional media at a time, we will observe that traditional media at a time has more reach.



The only issue is that those being reached at some point might not be interested in that particular product or service. You can imagine that you are listening to your favourite radio program and an advertisement is being made in-between. There is more tendency that you might not pay attention because it does not really appeal to you. 


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#2 Engagement 

We can also look at the media in terms of how it was able to drive the attention of its users. When it comes to traditional media. that active participation is always missing because the target audience is passive as they could not actively interact with that media.



On the other hand, digital marketing allows users to actively participate and interact with the media. It is very easy for them to click on the links and perform actions that will lead to their conversion. Once the audience is correctly targeted by the organization, the probability of getting the right response is very high. 


#3 Relationship 

The relationship aspect of media consumption talks about how recipients react when they received campaign messages. There are many factors that will determine how the target audience is going to react to campaign messages.


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It has to do with the previous relationship that they have with the organization. That is why sending of unsolicited campaign email is never the best method to drive new users to your lifecycle. You should only send campaign emails to an audience that knows about your organization. 


#4 Methods

Talking about methods when it comes to consuming media in digital marketing, it has to do with the tactics that are being adopted when passing the message across to the target audience.


Organizations have to ensure that they have carried out their research and they properly understood the audience before they would now craft campaigns that will resonate with their target audience. These campaigns also need to be redefined based on feedback and emerging realities before such an organisation can have meaningful campaign conversion. 


There are ways by which the campaign can reach the target audience. It can be pushed to them or they can also decide to put it in an owned or paid media where the target audience can pull the messages as well.


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Each channel will have a certain level of scope depending on how the content is found, used and how it influences the buyer’s journey.



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