The Concept of Marketing Qualified Lead in Online Marketing

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This article talks about the concept of Marketing Qualified Lead in Digital Marketing…

A Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) is an individual that has been addressed by the Marketing Department of an organization and is been certified as an opportunity that is ready to buy your products or services.
There are times as well that some individual are been certified as a Marketing Qualified Leads but they ended up not becoming customers. Such people should be returned to the Marketing department for rework if possible.
Every organization must a way of separating this kind of Leads so that the right message can be sent to the right person in order to get the right result.
marketing qualified lead

One of the ways of building Marketing Qualified Leads is through direction conversation with the potential customer. You can hook up with them through email or social media so as to address all concerns that they have about your products or services.

Once you have identified that a particular prospect has interest in your product or service, you can transfer such to the sales department for transaction. Those ones are referred to as Sales Accepted Leads (SAL).

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