Effective Marketing Functions For Businesses

Analyzing Marketing Functions For Businesses  


Marketing functions have to drive with the roles that the marketing department performs in helping organizations to identify the most successful products to introduce to the target audience. It has to do with the roles of creating awareness about products to the target audiences.  He is the one that will help prospects in know the reasons why the organization’ s product is different from all other products in the market place.

Marketing Functions

#1 Campaign management

One of the roles of the marketing department is campaign management. They have what it take to gather past marketing campaign data from within and outside the organization. This will help that to decide whether past marketing campaigns were successful or not. This will allow them to reuse campaign that works and jettison campaign strategies that are not working.


#2 Reasons for failures

Analyzing Marketing functions will also allow the organization as well as the marketing department in particular to determine the reasons for successes for the failure of campaigns. It will allow the marketing department to identify some of the pitfalls that they have to avoid when they are running future campaigns.


#3 Pause underperforming campaigns

For any campaign that the marketing department plans to run, there is a need for them.to determine the reasons why they are running such campaigns as well what will be the key performance indicators to determine whether such campaign was a success or not. This will allow them to continue to monitor successful campaigns and pause underperforming campaigns.


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#4 Reproduce successful campaigns

There is this saying that you don’t change a winning team. So also, when you have a successful campaign that is bringing in the desired result. You have to make sure that you continue to use that proven method with opportunities to rebrand or repackaged such campaigns so that it can record more successes.


#5  New Strategies

One of the key learning from marketing functions is that it will allow the organization to adopt new methods based on the result of their tests. After they might have analyzed all the methods that they have about their customers, they will be able to discover patterns that are influencing their buying decisions. They can now decide on the best way to introduce products and services to them in order to get the desired results.


When it comes to digital marketing, there are ways that marketing functions supposed to work. That is what I want to talk about this section.


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Marketing functions happen at three stages in the Buyer’s journey.


  1. When you are researching the audience and the market so that you can plan how you are going to penetrate the market.
  2. When you are optimizing and testing your strategy during conversion and consideration stage.
  3. After you have carried out a campaign, and you are trying to decide whether the same strategy should be adopted in the future or not.


Before you adopt any strategy, Digital Marketers should make sure that they understand the competitors, market, audience as well as the application of the strategy that they are planning to adopt.


As soon as the strategy has been adopted based on the result of your analysis. As a Digital Marketer, you need to adopt metrics to monitor the responses of users to your tactics. This includes the website clicks, the number of visits and downloads, the number of referrals, engagement on social media, page views among others. This will allow the Digital Marketer to make adjustments based on the level of responses that he is getting from consumers.


Monitoring contents based on the response you are getting from your consumers will also allow the marketers to know what works and what is now working with the target audience. It will also allow them to know the impact of their owned media on audience reactions and consumptions.


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Above all, after the campaigns, the organisation have to gather all data and compare it with their initial goals and objectives. This will help them to decide on whether they have succeeded or not.


There are some questions that must be asked at this stage:


  1. Were the goals reached?
  2. What was the return on investment?
  3. Where can we improve?
  4. Did the strategy under or overperformed?
  5. Where can we improve on our strategy?

These are some of the questions that optimization experts and Digital Marketers need to ask.


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