Analyzing Marketing Functions And Buyer’s Journey

Analyzing Marketing Functions And Buyer’s Journey


As I have I said it in my previous articles, each of the names are mapped out to the buyer’s journey that they belong to. This is to allow the team members to focus on the areas that are important to them. It will also allow all other team members to also handle other aspects of the buyer’s journey. In this article, I want to look at the marketing functions and the buyer’s journey.


When you map out the marketing functions and the buyer’s journey, you will notice that planning and analysis and optimization do not play direct functions in the journey. They are only used as the foundation for developing content for the awareness and retention stage of the buyer’s journey. 


On the other hand, we can map the following:

marketing functions and buyer's journey

#1 Awareness

The awareness stage of the buyer’s journey takes care of content that will allow the organization to attract new customers or contents that will allow existing customers to develop an interest in the organization’s products and services. The role of the awareness stage is to direct customers or prospects to the owned media of the organization’s website in order to direct them to the content and start interacting with them.


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By creating content that appeals to both new and existing customers through differentiation, the organization is able to develop the interest of their new and existing customers in their products and services. This will allow the organization to retain existing customers and gain new customers.


Using this method will allow the organization to drive its new and existing customers through the funnel and raise the exit barriers for them. Just know that it is very possible for the organization to move from where they know about the brand but they have not given it much thought to interest stage where their curiosity is aroused about that particular product or services. This will make users to start learning about your brand. 


#2 Conversion

The conversion function relates to the consideration and conversion stage of the buyer’s journey. When the users are still at the awareness stage, they know about the product but they are not sure of how it will be of help to them. At the conversion stage of the buyer’s journey, the users are educated on how the product can be of use to them. This is also customized based on the need of the customers. This will help the organization to convert the users to customers. This can be in the form of brand endorsement, articles, newsletters, whitepapers among others. 


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This is where the consumer moves from the level of an ordinary observer to a major participant. someone that is ready to give the product a trial based on the content he has consumed. The marketers have to look for ways of converting consumers easily with the least cost. 



Lastly, the retention function relates to the retention stage of the buyer’s journey. While the customers have now experienced the product and are not looking for the next purchase specifically, they might still have an interest in the brand values, history, and community.


That is why the marketer under the retention section will provide additional value to this customer by keeping a relationship going and initiating new conversations that will interest the customer.


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Because people are investing in the brand it becomes more than a product, it becomes a base for their choices on lifestyle, values, personality, and recommendations.


These can be used to build a stronger relationship and engage the customer to become brand advocates.


Now your take this argument.

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