4 Additional Marketing Channels for Digital Marketing

channels for digital marketing

4 Additional Marketing Channels for Digital Marketing


When it comes to Digital Marketing or reaching out to target audience, apart from Owned, Paid and Earned media, there are some other means through which a Digital Marketer can reach out to its target audience. At times, it is very good to make use of a combination of Digital and Traditional marketing platforms to reach out to your target audience.


This will allow the message that you are trying to pass across to resonate with the audience. In this article, I want to look at some of the other methods that we can use to reach our target audience without making use of Digital Marketing. Follow me as we look at some of those means in this article.

channels for digital marketing

#1 Direct Marketing

Apart from trying to reach customers through social media and other platforms that the internet has presented to the organization, they can also employ the use of direct marketing in order to convince the target audience. You really need to understand that it is not all customers that can be reached through online media. There are some that are not vast in the use of digital marketing or other activities that have prevented them from making use of social media. Such people have to be reached through unconventional mediums.


#2 Print

Another medium that can be used to reach the target audience is through the use of print media. In order to effectively use this medium, you have to make sure that you include your social media channels in all your publications.


It is very possible for someone that picked it up to look at all those channels and decide to check it out. This will also ensure that all these channels resonate in the mind of your target audience.


You must also ensure that you use a uniform name for all your channels. Besides such a name must be similar to your brand name. It must also be easy for followers and prospects to remember such names across social media channels. 

#3 Broadcast

When it comes to other means of reaching out to target audience, you can also make use of broadcast as a means of sending out the messages. This form of the broadcast can include banners, TV, and radio as well as other media that you have identified that you can use to reach your target audience. Although this may not be appropriate for Digital Marketing because Digital Marketing employs the use of inbound marketing. 


Inbound marketing takes time to study the audience and personalize products and services so that it can meet the need of the target audience but it can still be used so as to ensure that your marketing messages remain indelible in the mind of your target audience. 


#4 Referral

Another unconventional but proven means of reaching out to new customers through existing customers is through the use of Referrals. It is a well-known fact that when customers are satisfied, they have the natural tendency of spreading the good news to other talk-less of when there are benefits attached to it. They will do it with more zeal and determination . Besides, people tend to believe words coming from those that have used the product than the contents that you put out there on social media. That is why you should not undermine the use of referral in reaching out to your target audience. 

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