Five correct market strategies for Lead Funnels

This article talks about the five correct marketing strategies for Lead funnels… 

In my previous articles, I have talked about the concept of Lead funnels as well as some of the categories of customers that we can find on a Lead funnel. In this article, I want to talk about five potent marketing strategy that can help you turn leads to customers. Follow me as we look at this together.

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#1 Segmentation by interest
The first thing to be done when you want to properly turn leads to customers is to properly segment Your potential customers based on their interest, behaviors and actions. Doing so will allow you to do appropriate Follow-Up on your customers. Doing so will allow you to send the right message to the right person and get the right result.

#2 Awareness
There is nothing good about products and services if your potential customers do not even know that such products or services exists. There is the need for you to create awareness about your products or services through Referrals and advertisement. This will help you in a great deal to reach out to those that are likely to be interested in your products or services.


#3 Interesting contents
One other thing that is likely to attract potential customers to your website is when you having interesting contents for them. In order to attract them to your site, you need to position them as an authority in your niche. You need to let them know that you understand what they are going through and you have what it takes to resolve their issue. You should note that it is not necessary that the content must come from you, you can refer your users to blogs that have such contents.
You can also employ the service of a Ghost Writer for your contents. If you wish that I should manage your corporate blog and turn more of your leads to customers. Feel free to contact me. I will provide such service at a pocket friendly price.

#4 Engage visitors

In understanding your Lead funnels, there is the need for you to engage your customers and potential customers as well. You need to let your potential customers know the various ways that your products or services can be of benefit to them. Doing this will help your potential customers to have proper understanding before they finally decide on whether to buy your product or not.


#5 Drip program
In one of my articles on Lead funnels, I have discussed that a Drip Program is a kind of Program that is meant to allow you to correct any mistake that you made while trying to turn Lead to customers.

 I have talked about Marketing Qualified Leads. These are potential customers that are willing to buy and are transferred to the Sales Department. If they fail to buy at the appropriate time, they must go through Drip Program so that they are not lost to competitors.


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