How To Manage Stakeholders In Projects

This is how you can manage stakeholders for effective project success…


In order to come up with an effective way of managing project stakeholders as I rightly suggested in my previous articles, there is a vital document that you need to come up with, It is called the Stakeholder management strategy.

Follow me as we look at this vital document together so that we can get the buy-in of our project team members.

How To Manage Stakeholders In Projects


#1 Stakeholder identification
I have made mention of it that the first thing you need to do when managing project stakeholders is to identify your project stakeholders. You have to know those that will be affected positively or negatively by the outcome of your project.

In managing project stakeholders, you need to know that you cannot all your stakeholders all at once. You need to constantly update your record as you identify new project stakeholders.

#2 The stakeholder map
One other way of managing project stakeholders is to have a stakeholder map which shows the interest of different stakeholders and the level of participation required for each identified stakeholders.

You must know how interested each of your project stakeholders are in your project. This will help you to know who to run to when situations arose in the course of executing your project.

#3 Stakeholder analysis
One other way of managing project stakeholders is to do stakeholder analysis. The stakeholder matrix is another important aspect of stakeholder management strategy. Here, you are trying to describe your stakeholders based on their level of influence and importance they attached to the project.

Like the stakeholder map, it will help you to know who to run to when situations arose.

#4 Stakeholder list
In managing project stakeholders, there is the need to create a list of all the stakeholders and the various groups that they belonged to.

Most at times, you may need to have a meeting each of the various groups knowing which of your stakeholders you can bring together for such crucial meetings will help you to save time and cost.

#5 Stakeholder communication
In managing stakeholder communication, there is a need for Project managers to communicate with their stakeholders. It is been said that Project managers use ninety percent of their time communicating. As a Project Manager expert, you must have the list of your stakeholders and know their preferred mode of communication.

This will help you to communicate with your stakeholders in an effective manner.

One thing you should know is that it is not all that happens in your project that you must involve everyone. You must know who to talk to when need arose and communicate effectively with them.

#6 Communication efficiency
This specifies how the efficiency of the communication process will be measured. You have to analyse your preferred mode of communication and know if you are really communicating effectively with your stakeholders.

It is not all about communicating with them in your own way. You should allow your stakeholders to suggest their preferred mode of communication.




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