How to manage stakeholder communication for projects

Are you managing stakeholder communication effectively for your project ?



A communication management plan which houses stakeholder communication is a document that shows how information about the project will be communicated. It documents what information should be communicated , to whom should we direct the  communication to, by whom , when and in what manner ? It also documents how information is collected, archived and assessed.

manage stakeholder communication

Most at times, when project is been executed, we have to avoid unpleasant situation where many information is coming from the same sources. This at times can cause confusion. That is why communication becomes necessary. At times, it is not appropriate for a project team member to be communicating or receiving order from stakeholders. If one of the stakeholders can just walk up to a team member and asked him to include a task which is not originally part of the project, then there will be a communication breakdown and project failure.

A communication management plan therefore explains the procedures about how information is been shared and archived among team members that are participating in the project.

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