How to Manage Project Resources Successfully

Here are the ways you can manage project resources successfully…

A human resource plan as part of project resources plan is a document that provides guidance on how the human resource required for a project should be defined, staffed, managed, controlled and eventually released at the end of the project. 

It has to do with how you identify skills that will be needed in order to perform a particular task. You ask yourself the question as a Project Manager. Do we have the skill sets in our organisation? You now plan how you approach the line managers in order to engage such individuals.


How to Manage Project Resources Successfully
You also have to plan how to manage the staffs. You have to reward those that did well by recommending them to the top management. There is a need to plan how those team members will be released at the end of the project.

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I have said it in one of my articles that as a Project Manager, you have to follow the management style that is been adopted by the organisation that you are working for in managing your team members. You cannot be a permissive project manager when your organisation is using management by decree style.


The plan illustrates the project organisational structure. It also includes staffing plan that describes the project management team’s approach to managing an increase or decrease in project staffs across the project life cycle.

It is a well-known fact that it is not the same amount of people that start a project that will finish it. A resource management plan will help you to know how to manage the increase or decrease that occurs in the process of carrying out your project.


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