How To Manage Customer Lifecycle In CRM

  Here is how you can manage customer lifecycle in CRM…..


In many of my previous articles, I have talked about customer lifecycle. It is a cycle that you want to take your customers while they are buying products and services from you.

I have also made it clear that you can lose your customers anytime they are passing through the customer lifecycle. What you need in order to retain customers in the lifecycle is to provide a consistent customer experience.

In this article, I want to look at how you can manage customer lifecycle in a customer-centric enterprise. Follow me as we look at this together. 

From the onset, you should know that knowing how to manage customer lifecycle will help you to know how to put machinery in place in order to increase sales in the organisation.
manage customer lifecycle
What is customer lifecycle management?

Customer lifecycle can be defined as organizing customer lifecycle so as to increase customer retention and profitability rates. Here, you are trying to link your customers’ lifecycle to your organisation’s lifecycle. 

You want to ensure that every activity in your organisation is geared towards how you can raise the exit barrier for your customers and increase their profitability as well. If you are able to manage customer lifecycle very well, your customers and prospects alike will not have to come to the office before they get tools for customer conversion.

In doing this, the organisation have to create touch points that allow the organisation to interact with customers across multiple channels. They want to ensure that business is been done from the customers’ perspective. One of the very ways of doing that is by ensuring that customers can have access to their products and services irrespective of their location.

#1 Strategies
The organisation must organise their customer lifecycle strategies in a way that they are able to retain and grow their customer base as well. I have said it severally that it is becoming extremely difficult to get new customers. Therefore, we have to see how we can retain the one that we have and attract new customers through them.

#2 Trust
In my previous article, I have talked about customer loyalty. It is the love that your customers have for you that is not making them look at your competitor’s direction. What strengthens the relationship in an organisation is the love that customers have for the organisation. When you are able to create the impression that yours is an organisation that listens. You will be able to attract new customers effortlessly.

#3 Touch Points

The organisation also create touch points where customers can have access to products and services from the organisation. They will also be able to get all the supports that they need without coming down to the office. This will assist the organisation in giving their customers a satisfying experience as they grow the organisation.

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