How to Manage Complexity Level Integrations for Projects

Manage Complexity level integrations

How to manage Complexity Level Integrations for Projects


The ability to manage complexity level integrations is one of the skills that a Project Manager must know how to do for a particular project.


Some projects may be referred to as complex and considered difficult to manage. In Simple terms, complex and complicated are concepts often used to describe what is considered to be intricate and complicated.


Manage Complexity level integrations


Complexity within projects is as a result of an organisation’s system behaviour, human behaviour and the uncertainties of work in the organisation or it’s environments. There are three dimensions of complexity that we can talk about in project management.


#1 System behaviour

One of the aspects of complexity level integrations has to do with system behaviour in the organisation. This has to do with the interdependencies of components and systems in the organisation.


He has to understand the different departments that we have in the organisation as well as how these departments interact with one another.


Most importantly, how powers are being shared in the organisation. This will allow the Project Manager to influence decisions and get things done in the organisation.


#2 Human behaviour

Apart from system behaviour that influences project decisions, the Project Manager needs to understand the interplay between diverse individuals and groups o. The organisation. He has to know the politics at play in the organisation.


He needs to understand how he can influence decisions and achieve project results within the organisation.


#3 Ambiguity

The Project Manager needs to understand the uncertainty of emerging issues and a lack of understanding or confusion.


He needs to deal with all uncertainties that can influence projects. He needs to engage stakeholders on how some of these complexities can be resolved in the interest of the project.


All systems must be designed in such a way that it can guarantee seamless integration between the project and the organisation.


Complexity itself is a perception of an individual based on personal experience, observation and skills rather than being complex, a project is more accurately describes as containing complexity, portfolios, programs and projects may contain elements of complexity.



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