Use Of Major Social Media Platforms In Digital Marketing

Use Of Major Social Media Platforms In Digital Marketing



The marketing functions of the Buyer’s Journey are Campaign Planning, Consumer Awareness, Purchase Conversion, Customer Retention and Analysis & Optimization. Social Media can aid in all points of the Buyer’s Journey and serves all marketing functions depending on your brand’s/campaign’s objectives.



For example, if you want to increase awareness to ensure you’ve included in the consumer’s initial consideration set, you should set your campaign objectives to reach and use educational and/or storytelling content. If you want to drive purchase, make sure your post/ad types are optimized with the appropriate CTAs to create a frictionless path to conversion.


The five major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat – and each has a distinct, differentiating use case for marketers. Facebook, and Instagram by extension, are great for large scale reach. Both platforms boast a variety of ad types with the opportunity for customization, as well as detailed targeting capabilities.

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Twitter is prime for real-time participation in a relevant cultural moment or event. For example, if you want to join the conversation around a major sporting event like the World Cup or Super Bowl, award shows like the Oscars and Grammys, popular TV show premieres and finales, a business conference, or music festival – Twitter is a great vehicle (though you must be careful of sponsorship stipulations associated with major events). People also often take to Twitter seeking rather immediate customer service, so it’s important to have service representatives listening and responding on Twitter regularly. Lastly, Twitter is great for sharing company news and product updates.

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LinkedIn as one of the major social media platforms is a platform focused on professional networking so it’s great for recruitment, building relationships with current employees, fostering affinity groups, sharing corporate news, targeting corporate consumers (e.g.: American Express targeting HNW business travellers for Platinum Card), B2B communication, and reaching consumers in an aspirational mindset.



Lastly, Snapchat’s interface is centered around its vertical orientation and ephemeral storytelling content. Snapchat’s unique “Discover” channels provide brands with the ability to serve ads and collaborate with publishers like BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, The Wall Street Journal and more. The platform made the use of augmented reality mainstream with its facial lenses (which can be sponsored by brands) as well as other unique personalization and customization capabilities like geo-filters, Bitmojis, and drawing tools which heavily appeal to the much-sought-after millennial audience.


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