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Revealed: What You Did Not Know About Evolution of ITIL 4

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Introduction to a major evolution of ITIL since inception

ITIL has really undergone a lot of transformation since its inception in the late 80s. In this article, I want to look at how ITIL has evolved over the years. Follow me as we look at it in this article.


1980 as a landmark year in the evolution of ITIL

This was when ITIL first started. At this stage of development of the disciplines. They were just trying to put ideas together pm what best practices should be. I can say that this is the forming stage of the discipline.



The first set of ITIL books were published. This consist of 42 books that were meant to be followed by any organisation that wants to deliver value to customers.

Five Major Evolutions Of ITIL Since Inception



This was the year that AXELOS added Service delivery and support as part of the ITIL module.



This was when the concept of the Service Lifecycle was introduced to the ITIL module. We have five Service lifecycle in ITIL which are: Service Design, Service Strategy, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.



At this stage of ITIL Evolutions, much effort is now been placed more on how the ITIL component and the business component of thr organisation can work together in order to deliver value to customers.


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This is when ITIL  started coming in. There was the introduction of the Guiding Principles that organisations can now follow in order to co-create value and service consumers in a better way.



ITIL 4 was introduced with much emphasis on Service Value System. It also borrowed from DevOp and Agile methodologies so that this new concept will be in tune with business reality. 


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