Major differences between E-Business and E-Commerce

In the world of Digital Marketing, we have the concept of E-Business and E-Commerce. While I was in secondary school, I was told that commerce has to do with buying and selling of goods and services. When you compare that to e-commerce, it has to do with electronic or internet medium of buying and selling. So, e—commerce has to do with buying and selling of products and services online.

E-Business on the other hand is the process of bringing theentire organisation online. It has to do with the process of buying and selling of products and services as well as supporting customers and prospects whowants to buy your products and services.

In this article , I want to talk about the differencesbetween e-business and e-commerce. You really need this solid foundation if youwant to be successful as a Digital Marketing. I will try and do justice to thatin this article.

E-Business in view

#1: buying and selling

E-Business has to do with buying and selling of products andservices online. It is just that e-business is wider in perspective thane-commerce. It actually goes beyond buying and selling. In e-business, you alsorelate with prospects and partners. It allow you also to communicate withpotential customers.

#2: Communication

Another aspect of e-business that you need to know is that it gives room for communication. It allows you to communicate with prospects and customers as well as other individual in the value chain. You are able to ensure that customers are satisfied. This allows you to pass information to prospects and customers without them coming to your office.

#3 Monitoring and Exchange

Another aspect of e-business in Digital Marketing is that it gives room for monitoring and exchange of information. With it, you are able to follow up on tickets raised by your customers. This ensures that customers are satisfied at all time. It also allow organisation to resolve customer related issues amicably.

#4 Collaborative product design

The use of E-business in Digital Marketing also promotes collaborative product design among stakeholders. This allows organisations to develop new products and services through customers’ feedback. With that, you can understand what customers want. This will allow you to give customers what they are looking for.

#5 Marketing Advertising and Support

E-Business as a tool in Digital marketing also allows organisations to reach existing customers through advertising. One fact remains that with it, you can reach target audience easily. You are able to penetrate into new markets without breaking banks. This allow you to improve the turnover of your organisation.

E-commerce on the other hand…

Having explained some of the facts that you need to know about e-business in Digital Marketing, I want to focus my attention now on why e-commerce is different from e-business.

E-Commerce is a subset of e-business. It just has to dealmainly with buying and selling of products and service. If anything is beenadded to this feature, it has become e-business.

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