Here are the main functions of Microsoft Excel Windows Command

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Here are the main things you should know about Excel Windows command….




In my previous article, I have talked about some of the facts you should know about Microsoft Excel User Interface, you can visit that sections to read it through. My focus for this article is to tell you some of the functions of the Excel Windows command which I believe you can find in other Microsoft Office applications as well. 


Here are the Windows commands you should know….



The Minimize button hides the entire Excel 2013 User Interface. The application will remain open.  With this, the Excel 2013 still appears on the Window Taskbar but it will not be open wide on the Window.


microsoft excel windows command


This command reduces the size of the Microsoft Excel user interface from full screen to smaller sized Window.It also minimize a smaller window back to full screen. When the window is reduced in size, you can drag the bottom-tight corner of the User Interface to resize the Excel Window to suit your needs.



The Close Button close the currently selected workbook. If there is only one Excel Workbook file open when you select the Close button, the entire application closes too.



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