How to lock your Windows 7 OS when its not in use

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This article examines how you can lock out your Windows 7 OS when it is not in use….



Windows 7 Operating System is said to be one of the secured and stable operating systems around. Do you know that many of us are careless as far as the security of our device is concerned. Some of us see putting password on our device as extra stress. We also feel that we do not have anything that might be of interest to Hackers.

I once watched a movie where a man visited his In law who happens to be the head of Drug Enforcement Agency. He succeeded in copying some information out of the man’s system while he was trying to entertain him. This was because the man did not password his device.  That is why you should consider putting password on your device.

Windows 7 OS

How to do it?
There are two ways to lock you device on Windows 7. The first method is to press the Windows button and the “L” button together. It will lock the screen while you are away. 

The second method ….

  1. Right click on the desktop and select “Personalise” from the drop down menu

2. Choose “Screensaver” and set the time that the screensaver will be displayed. You now check “ON resume, display logon screen”. Then you have successfully locked your Windows 7 screen.

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