How to lock out unwanted guests in Windows 7

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This article shows how you can lock out unwanted guests in Windows 7




Hello friends. Have you ever experienced it that people brute forced your account until they are able to use it? In this article, I want to teach how to prevent unwanted users from having access to your Operating system. Like someone asks me this morning, I am just using Windows 7 as a case study, you should know that you can practise what I am saying here on any type of Windows from Windows 7 upward.

unwanted guests

I should say that the danger of doing this on your Operating system is that if you forget your password you will also be locked out even though you are the owner of your device. That is the reason why most of us run away from security anyway.

Therefore, follow me as I present the steps to you one after the other.

  • Go to ” Control Panel” and click on “Administrative tools”


  • Double click the ” Local Security Policy” and click on Account Policies”.
  • When it appears, double-click on “Account Lockout policy”. You now have to double-click on ” Account Lockout Threshold.


  • At the “Account Lockout threshold properties” window, enter the number of invalid logins. Click “OK” to close the Window.
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