Why You Should copy Others In Backlink Building

In this article, I want to continue the discussion on what you should differently when you are working on backlink building. You need to adopt what works for others in order to succeed. Join me in this conversation.



31. Research and find out what works for others

Spy on and analyze competitors’ backlinks. You can focus on those you can replicate easily to save some time.

32. Brand mentions

Using a search operator “brand name” -site:brandname.com will help you to find mentions of your brand. You need to check whether each mention is linked to your site. If not, contact these people to do so or to adjust the anchor correctly.

33. Name mentions

I noticed that many websites mentioned founders or CEOs without linking to the company. Use this as an opportunity to thank them for mentioning you and for acquiring another link from a relevant source.

34. Stolen images link reclamation

Technically, the link reclamation is when you try to locate broken backlinks, opportunities mentioned in #30 and #31, or if there is an improper backlink, misspelt domain or anchor text for any reason.

When it comes to images, it may happen some websites use your images without providing a source. It usually applies to infographics, charts and quality images. Last but not least, this technique makes sense for authoritative websites or if your images are a true inspiration for the others.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find these images:

  1. Create a list of the URLs of your images
  2. Use Google image search by pasting the URL
  3. Check the websites from search results whether they gave you credit by looking for your domain in the HTML code.
  4. If there’s no credit, reach out to the authors.

35. Get interviewed

No, you don’t need to be Britney Spears. Things happen really fast in the digital world. Take advantage of it. You can become successful in a short time so getting interviewed with a link is definitely a good idea.

However, nothing comes for free so don’t wait to be interviewed. Research publishers and get in touch with them. This is a detailed guide by Ann Smarty you should go through.


36. Gifts

How about sending gifts to your most valuable customers and partners? Use special occasions such as Christmas or birthdays and include a call-to-action to share it and link to you.


37. Exchange

Exchange your products for a review or other promo activities leading to a link. Bloggers writing a review will usually include a link so you don’t need to ask them.

When it comes to affiliate partners, they tend to provide no-follow links.


38. Build a campaign microsite

Do you have a special discount, an event or a product launch? Build a microsite! It is one of the best link building strategies you can adopt. Keep in mind that content should be 100% non-duplicate and you should also build a good link profile for the microsite.

Creating microsites from the SEO point of view isn’t as profitable as it was in the past but you should consider it when you are planning to build a long term authority website.


39. Create a sitewide announcement link

Yeah, a site-wide link isn’t that good when it comes to the link strength but it’s perfect for a short term link placement to gain high traffic, i.e. you can do this with a short term special offer. Keep in mind that the linked sites should be related.

backlinks building

40. Comment blog posts

In general, I think that comments with links don’t positively influence your SEO because they are deleted almost immediately. But if you select blog posts with high traffic, then you write a comment which is super relevant and boosts the discussion, it may end up with providing a link that will add value to the discussion.

In this case, the moderator shouldn’t delete the comment. No one wants to stop a productive discussion under their blog post.


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