The concept of Lead time in Project Management

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What is Lead time in Project Management ?




 lead time in project management can be seen as a change in logical relationship that allows the successor activity to start before the predecessor activity ends in a finish to start relationship in project management. This is a situation where the successor activity starts before the predecessor activity ends.

A lead time is always implemented when you need to accelerate a successor activity in order to shorten the overall project schedule.

lead time

A typical example….
Let us assume that you are building a house and you have many contractors on site. You are likely to have Bricklayers, Plumber , Iron bender among others on site. If two of them are working together on a particular section of the house and the work of one will not affect the other. 

Just imagine that you have two activities by two different people and you have already calculated that it is safe enough to start the next task when the previous task has not been completed. That is what we can refer to as lead time in project management.

Lead time in project management always vary in length, depending on the level of acceleration required by the amended schedule. The problem with lead time is that it might lead to rework since you did not allow the predecessor activity to finish before the successor activity starts.


Possible lead time in project management…..
Most at times, lead time is been used where you feel it is safe to start the successor activity, A programmer may start writing the code while he is still waiting for stakeholders to approve his home page design.


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