/How to make use of LARGE function in Microsoft Excel

How to make use of LARGE function in Microsoft Excel

Large function is very essential for Excel Experts


In my previous article, I have talked about how you can find Minimum and Maximum in Microsoft Excel. You can click on the link for a refresher in case you miss that particular article.


In this article, I will be using that particular worksheet that I used to find the fifth largest number in a range without glancing through the long list of data. I will just command Excel to find me the largest number in a data based on a specific number. In this case , I am looking for the fifth largest number in a series using the Large function. Let us do that together now.




The function we are going to use here is called the LARGE function.


The first thing as you all know is to click the Cell where your answer will appear and put EQUALS TO symbol.


So, I will click on that cell and type =LARGE


The array means , you should highlight the cell where your answer is coming from whereas the K stand for constant. That means the exact number that you are looking for. 


Never join those that said that Large function is of no use !


Some of you might be feeling that the Large function is of no use. I believe you will appreciate it better when you have a large data to work with.


In this case, we are looking for the fifth largest number so our constant here is 5.


After you have followed the steps just like the screenshot presented above. The next thing is to present the ENTER key to see your answer. Then  you will see the Large function in action.



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