Revealed: The Key Market Trends for CRM



Introducing the Key Market Trends for CRM



At the end of this lesson, readers should be able to:

  • Have a deeper understanding of Analytical CRM
  • Know some of the landmark research on Analytical CRM
  • Discuss some of the functions of analytical CRM


Why is analytical CRM so confusing?  Most people agreed that the analytical CRM marketing is growing rapidly – but there is no standard definition or agreement of what constitutes analytical CRM.  The hype has definitely arrived as witnessed by CRM analytics appearing at the top or “peak of inflated expectation” in the famous Gartner Hypelurve (Scott and Gartner CRM Symposium – February 2002).



Market size and growth as part of the Key Market Trends for CRM

Some specification points from multiple sources on the size and growth of the market include the following assertions:

  • IDC estimated that the CRM analysis market will surpass $1.5 billion in sales by 2005
  • AMR Research estimates that investments in the analytical application will grow at nearly double the rate of operational CRM systems.  The market will expand to nearly $4.4 billion by 2005 which represents 19 percent of the CRM market.
  • Meta Group’s recent survey of more than 400 enterprises found out that in the next twelve to eighteen months, customer analytic solutions will be purchased more than any other type of CRM offering
  • Jupiter media metrics says that more than one-quarter of all S. firms will spend at least $500,000 on a customer-based technologies over the next two years. Much of the investment will centre on analytical software ringing in at a healthy   8.7Billion in $2006


CRM analytics consists of both analytical and operational components and the goal is to maximize overall customer profitability while maintaining customer satisfaction my analytical CRM definition is multi-faceted – analytical CRM is the critical foundation for intelligent analysis and application of customer information across an enterprise.

Analytical CRM also serves as the glue or connection between the operational customer-facing applications such as sales, service and web channel and the analytical back-office systems, business intelligence solutions and customer data warehouse.


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Analytical CRM as part of the Key Market Trends for CRM

Finally, analytical CRM is the feedback loop on the front end of real-time customer interaction or the back-end front end of real-time customer interactions or the back – end scored card for analyzing what happened and how to improve the next customer interaction.

Another way to look at analytical CRM is that it fulfils the critical first steps of the now-famous Roger 1 – to – 1 approach to CRM Their 1-to–1 mantra is IDIC or Identify, Differentiate, Interact and customize.  You cannot intelligently interact with your customize or customize your products and services until you identify and differentiate them.



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