The Jamb Examnation (UTME) that you’re about to sit for has 40 questions in every subject with the exception of the general subject which has 60 questions and the time allowed is 2 hours.
This is your first UTME questions how much
time do you have on average to ponder each.


(40 x 3)+ 60 180 questions

180 questions in 2 hours

180 questions in 120mins

That’s less than a minute per question
To be precise, that will be 180 questions in 200 seconds,

7200 40 seconds.


That means you have precisely 40 seconds on Overage to ponder each question That’s
frightening if you consider it! Especially for those candidates who/have calculations like
mathematics and the likes. This is why you need to know your way aróund this mighty
Python of an exam, so it doesn’t swallow you up

How to pass the Jamb Examination is one of the reason that brought you here , let’s roll


1. Study to show thyself approved:

Make sure you cross all the “t’s” and dot all
the “I’s” in every subject prior to examination. Whether you are going to pass or not depends to a large extent on your level of preparation. However, it is not all you need.

2. Be familiar with the use of computer:

If you have prepared adequately and you don’t know how to use a computer, you’re likely to struggle in the examination since UTME is now a Computer Based Test (CBT). So making sure you’re familiar with the basic use of a computer especially relating to your
examination is as important as studying
for the examination; without which you may waste precious time on irrelevant and avoidable issues. Remember, you have only 40 seconds to ponder each question, so every second counts to increase your chances of not just passing the examination but doing so with a distinction.

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3. Be highly focused and avoid any distraction:

Make sure you are well rested a day before your exam. And on the day of your examination punctual to avoid going into the hall tensed up. By all means, avoid anything that may distract you Considering that your admission into higher institution depends solely on whether or not you pass the examination should be enough motivation.
This 1s war and.you cannot afford to lose your focus by thinking concentrating or giving attention to anything else other than winning the war else it will swallow you. At this point, it is kill or be killed.


i. Eat light, if hunger is going to be a problem

ii. Have a drink if you’re going to be thirsty

iii. Empty your bowels if you’ re going to be pressed and etc.

You need every brain cell going into the exam hall and the same brain is responsible to controlling all activities in the body; as such, if the brain detects any need by the body
food, water or any other need that may arise during the course of the examination the
chances are, you may not be able to focus until you respond to that particular need that point, in an examination, you may not be
able to do much to help your situation and
time is of the essence. So, it is important to
make sure that none of these needs will arise at least for the next 2 hours at the point of entry into the examination hall because if you do not make the most of the 2-hour-duration you have, you’ll never have another not even a second more until the next at least 365 days and these seeming little” details have tremendous effects .

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1. Know and obey all examination rules:

This is to avoid being penalized or worse still disqualified.

2. Do not presume:

Understanding a question is half an answer.Always make sure you read all instructions and the questions till the end s0 as to understand them before attempting any question.

3. Start-off with your best subject:

It is very important to start on a positive note. Your best subject is usually that subject that (a) you’re sure of getting more marks (b) answer more easily and faster. Having that sense of assurance from the beginning of more marks gives you extra morale and relieves you of undue pressure. And answering faster helps you transfer time to other more difficult subjects So my advice is that you start with you best subject and then your second best and in that order to improve your odds of an impressive score.

4. It is not enough to be intelligent, you must be SMART:

This is the”piece de resistance of everything gong into the examination the most important. Where S-is Sensible M-is Mutable, A is Articulate, R-is Rational and T-is
Thoughtful. When you decide to
approach the exam with the SMART
attitude, it sets you apart in your score from others. thinking”how can I be SMART?” Don’t worry, I got you covered: Do not approach the exam Hall.

I know you must be common sense behind, else, you’ll be trapped. There are questions meant to waste your time (trap questions), and the more you try to answer them first, the lower your chances of answering other easier questions due to time. Mind you, no question is mare imporant than the other. No
one question attracts more marks.

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JAMB and God knows you most probably won’t be able to answer all questions within the specified time given So the SMART thing to do is to make sure you at least have the chance to see and attempt every question in all subjects to improve your odds.
Know that every second counts and attempting difficult questions might
cost you time that you would have used to answer easier questions and getting more marks. If after attempting all questions in
every subject, you still have time you can then go back to the questions you thought could have cost you relatively more time than usual .

Sometimes, you attempt questions and don’t know the answer but you know A cannot be the answer, B is not even related and you probably haven’t heard of C and D is farfetched. Always make do and mend in situations like this because no one is going to give you marks for questions you didn’t provide an answer for. Try elimination method, guess the answer if you have to, be
creative, be resourceful, be flexible and most importantly be SMART.


By all means, avoid anything no mater how little that may cost you the examination. And in my experience, 1 know that mistakes rarely happen to those who don’t take it lightly.

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