How one can explain ITIL Management to a Layman

This is how you explain ITIL Management to a Layman…..




 If there is one of  hot cake IT courses out there , I think its ITIL. Where I was before, I see caliber of people that come for ITIL courses. They are highly placed ITIL manage who are looking for more career prospect. Some were to manage IT projects but they do not have the knowledge. In this article, I want to talk about how you can explain this concept to a layman. 

ITIL Management consist of set of books…Firstly, ITIL is a set of books that has a framework that contains the lifecycle that a typical ITIL Management project will go through from the beginning to the end. It is owned by the UK government. It also consist of best practices that must be followed when you need to run a successful IT project.


IT Management Infrastructure Library describe what and not how IT project will be carried out from the beginning to the end. That means you are not expected to be a Robot when using ITIL best practices but it can help you to know more about what is acceptable in other climes.


The ITIL Management strategies….

The strategies includes what happened at strategic , tactical and operational management of IT lifecycle and what each individual manning those roles are expected to do.

Furthermore, It shows the interrelationship of individuals at vertical and horizontal level of management in any organisation.
ITIL Management

In addition, ITIL shows the organisational roles and responsibilities of those that are involved in IT project as well as some technical requirements that must be in place in order for IT Project to succeed. It provides technical guidance in terms of Dos and Dons for the ITIL Projects.

ITIL also provides the ground rule that has to be in place in order for IT Projects to be a success.


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