4 Principle For ITIL 4 Service Management Practices

Introduction to ITIL Service Management Practices




I have been talking about some of the ITIL 4 Service Management Practices in my previous articles. Here is the fourth guiding principle that has to be followed for any organisation that wants to adopt the ITIL 4 principle. In this article, I want to talk about the fourth principle which is: Collaborate and promote visibility in service management practice.

Revealed: #4 Principle for ITIL 4 Service Management Practice

First and foremost, if any organisation plans to deliver the right value to their customers, they have to ensure that the right people and placed in the right positions.


This will help them in getting buy-ins from stakeholders effortlessly. They will also be able to increase the likelihood of succeeding with the project. 



Transparency in ITIL 4 Service Management Practices

The company has to ensure they are transparent in the selection process. They need to carry all stakeholders along and encourage team spirit among team members. If there are are no transparency.


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There is a high tendency that team members will feel that the works or projects are not so important.  This might also lead to a situation where team members place more attention on low priority projects over high priority projects.


There is a need for every I.T Manager to understand the need to promote visibility at work. Every employee and other stakeholders need to understand the direction of the organisation. When job roles and directions are visible, it will help the organisation to make informed decisions. 


There are three ways that the promotion of visibility in any IT Project can contribute to the achievement of stated goals. 

#1 Understanding the flow of work as part of ITIL 4 service management practices

When visibility and transparency are promoted in any organisation, it will help the employees to understand the flow of work in the organisation. Each of the employees will be able to understand the direction at which the organisation. They will be able to know how to come in so that they can assist the organisation in achieving its goals. 


#2 Identify bottlenecks

There is a need for you to also identify some of the bottlenecks that you are likely to face and address them. You also need to know the capacity level of your team members to handle some of these bottlenecks in line with the guiding principles. This will help you to know whether you need assistance from third parties in order to attain your goals. 


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#3 Uncover waste as part of ITIL 4 service management practices

There is a need for you to also uncover waste in the system. This includes under-utilised and over-utilised systems in the entire system. At times, there are employees that are over-qualified that are placed in less challenging positions.


There might also be some equipment that is not put into good use. All these need to be addressed in order to have a better result.


Above all, there are three basic things to note when it comes to the application of these Guiding Principles in ITIL 4 Service Management practices.


#1 Collaboration does not mean consensus

This issue has caused many dissatisfaction and delay in implementing laudable projects that would have move organisations forward.



You have to know that collaboration does not mean consensus. That we might have varying views concerning and issues and we will still find ways of working together in order to achieve desired results. Most at times, I feel it is very difficult for all of us to see issues in the same way.


#2 Communication is key

There is a need for the IT Manager who is the champion of the entire project to communicate in a way that is very clear to his target audience. He has to understand the communication requirement of his stakeholders.


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He must ensure that he is carrying stakeholders along. Most importantly, all the stakeholders and team members need to understand their roles and responsibilities in the project. 


#3 Data before decisions

Above all, there is a need for you to always have data to back up your decisions. When it comes to the application of this ITIL 4 Guiding Principles, you should never make decisions based on assumptions or hearsay.



This will guarantee that you are really addressing the root cause of the problem. It will also allow you to determine what your Key Success Factor for the project will be. 


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