The Use Of Issue Log Document For Projects

The Use Of Issue Log Document For Projects


An Issue Log Document is a document that is used to register, track, and assign project issues.


It records project issues, a unique number to each issue, the issue status, and individually responsible for receiving certain issues by specific issues by a specific date.


The issue log is useful for regular follow-up with the project team and must be updated regularly.

Issue Log Document

An issue log can also serve as an important organizational process asset in the sense that it can assist organizations in knowing some of the challenges they are likely to face when they are trying to carry out project implementations.


Performance Appraisal For Projects

The need for formal or informal appraisals often relies on project length, project complexity, organizational policy, labour contract requirement, and amount and quality of communication. In this article, I want to talk about performance evaluation for projects.

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Evaluation can come from supervisors and people who interact with the team. Some of the main objectives to conduct performance appraisals are to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the project team members, provide constructive feedback identify unknown or unresolved issues, develop individual training plans, and establish futuristic goals.


You can use the performance appraisal to accomplish a number of tasks, including:

Execute performance appraisals

#1 Clarifying roles

You can always use performance appraisal to clarify roles and responsibilities. That means you can use it to check whether individuals or groups are doing what they supposed to do in relation to the project goals.


#2 Deliver feedback

Apart from using performance appraisals to develop positive and negative feedbacks for projects. It also employees and team members to present there own perspective or the project. This will allow the Project Manager and his team members to work together towards resolving naughty project issues.

#3 Unresolved issues

Appraisals can also assist the Project Manager in discovering some of the Unresolved issues that are still affecting the progress of the project. . It also allows project stakeholders to prioritize solutions to the problems and work towards finding solutions to those problems.


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#4 Monitor training plans

Performance appraisals also allow project managers to monitor training plans for team members. At one point, the Project Manager might have assigned some training to be done in order to guarantee the sustainability of the project. It is the duty of the Project Manager to monitor those training through appraisals.


#5 Establishing future goals

When you carry out performance appraisals, you are able to analyse where you have started from, where you are now as well as where you want to be

This allows organizations to set an agenda for the future. They can always come back and review what you have been able to achieve in the future.


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