Cells and Ranges in Microsoft Excel

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introducing Cells and Ranges in Microsoft Excel…




Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool. I can boldly say that no matter the environment that you find your self, Microsoft Excel is suitable for your needs.  The sad part of it is that majority of those that need Microsoft Excel do not know anything about the application. In this article, I want to tell you about some of the facts that you should know about it. I will be talking about Cells and Ranges in Microsoft Excel.


An Excel worksheet is arranged in tabular format. That means it consists of a series of columns and rows that intersect to form cells. A cell can be seen as a singular container that you can use to input and store data.



cells and ranges


Like the place where I put “PAT NO” can be referred to as a cell. They are rectangular in nature. They have the ability to expand as you input more letters or figures.


Each individual rectangle that you see on an Excel worksheet is a separate cell. Some type at the time and they will feel that it has spilt over to the other cell. 


In introducing cells in Microsoft Excel, a range can be seen as a group of cells that typically contains related data. A range can consist of an entire row or column, a group of cells in a row or column, or a group of cells that covers multiple rows and columns. One can also use ranges to organize your worksheets by related sets of data.


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