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Interview Questions You Should Expect In An Interview


Interview questions you should expect in an interview . There are different criteria when it comes to job interview . I know you are wondering the kind of questions you will meet in an interview . I’m going to list 25 different questions you will definitely get from an interview and how to answer them accurately .

1. Tell Me About Yourself

This doesn’t mean you should start narrating about your self lifestyle , they just need to know what you can do and how capable you can . Just tell them little about yourself with confidence and don’t talk much .

2. Why Are You Interested In The Position ?

Make your enthusiasm known to them , come out straight reason why you need the position and make them understand that you are capable . Speak out with confidence .

3. How Do You Get To Know Our Company ?

Tell them little history about the company and how good they are doing .

4. What do you like to do in your free
time ?

You don’t have to lie , tell me what you do at your free time , maybe you are this type that like social media , make it known to them .

5. What Is Your Goal In Life ?

To be a leader !

6. Why Did You Leave Your Previous Work ?

Do not say anything against your previous work , do not I repeat . Just tell them you feel you deserve better position !

7. Why Did You Get Fired ?

Explain the exact thing that happened , when they see the truth in you , they feel trust in you more and this will give them more reasons to employ you

8. Tell Us About Your Formal Boss

Do not say bad thing against your boss , do not try it . Say something good about him/her , say the good part of them .

9. Do You Have Debt ?

Come out truthfully , if you have make it known to them , you have nothing to be scared of , this doesn’t stop them from employing you , they are only trying to know how truthful you are as a person.

10. There is a Gap in Your Work Experience, What Did You Do During that Time?

Tell them you give free course online , volunteer works and others

11. Tell Us Your Mistakes You Made At Previous Work

Tell them you made mistakes but you definitely solve it as fast as you could .

12. What After Some Years Of Working With Us And No Promotion , What Will You Do ?

Tell them your mission to this company is beyond ordinary promotion , you are not after promotion but after development of the company .

13. What Is Your Weakness ?

You can tell them your weaknesses but let them know you are trying to improve yourself .

14. How do you see yourself 5, 10 years?

Tell them only God knows !

15. What’s The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken

Make it known to them you like taking risk , they believe risk taker are brave enough !

16. Why Should We Hire You

Challenge them and let them know your ability with confidence . Sweet mouth yourself for them and convince them . Don’t be scared

17. How Much Do You Think We Can Pay You ?

Most people are always don’t know how to answer this question . Just tell them what you deserve !