Six types of Internet marketing techniques in Digital Marketing

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A closer look at internet marketing techniques in Digital marketing…


Internet marketing technique can be seen as a method of promoting your products and services in order to reach your target audience. This article explains six of the Internet marketing techniques that we have in Digital Marketing. It is meant to assist readers in understanding the benefit of Internet marketing. Follow me as we look at this together.

#1 Email marketing as a form of internet marketing technique

This is one of the vital aspect of Digital Marketing. Under email marketing, you are using the email platform to introduce your products and services to customers. Organisations do use email to communicate with their prospective and existing customers.

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Through email marketing, you can introduce new products to customers,attend to customers’ complaints. I so much love Namecheap Hosting for something. They always communicate with their customers through various channels. Many at times, when you are cut off from chat through network failure, they will still follow up with chat until the issue is resolved completely.


#2 Video advertising as a form internet marketing technique
This is another form of advertising that promotes organisations’ products and services through the use of Videos.Through video advertising, you can demonstrate the use of your products and services to users. According to a research, it is stated that Youtube is the second search media on the internet. It is no longer news that people prefers to watch video on the internet than reading blogs. Platform such as Youtube also allows you to add Adverts to the videos.


#3 Banner advertising as a form of internet marketing technique
This is another platform that Facebook entails. Gone are the days that people pay heavily to advertise on newspaper. More so people read more of blog nowadays. Organisations can place banner on search engines to promote their contents. This always happen in two ways. You can pay a blogger to place banner on strategic locations in their blog.

This payment can be on daily, monthly or agreed term basis. Some banners can also be generated for blogs through affiliate marketing. All these can be used to generate traffic to a blog or website.


#4 Affiliate marketing as a form of internet marketing technique
Affiliate marketing is another aspect of Digital Marketing that is gaining ground as well. It is a process whereby Publishers are rewarded based on the number of traffics that they generates for a website. Some of the Affiliate Marketing provider such as Google Adsense pay on Pay Per Click (PPC) basis. This helps to generate extra income for bloggers having them on their blogs.


#5 Blog advertising as a form of internet marketing technique 
Advertisement on blogs is what we referred to as Blog advertising. When a blog has many traffic based on the number of people visiting the blog in a day. It will attract Advertisers to come and advertise on those blog. The amount you pay to advertise on the blog largely depends on the popularity of the blog. This adverts are carried out through banner ads. Some of this adverts are placed at the sidebars where they can caught the attention of the readers.


#6 Podcast advertising as a form of internet marketing technique
Podcasting is another form of Internet Marketing techniques that we have in Digital Marketing. The term “Podcast Advertising” is a combination of “Ipod” and “Advertising”. It is a process of publishing audio and video files on the internet by using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed as syndication channel.  This help people to run a form of online radio. This also help organisation in promoting their products and services through Ipod.



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