8 Stages of Internet Marketing Planning

8 Stages of Internet Marketing Planning


Whenever any organization wants to launch internet marketing in order to reach a wider audience, there is a need for them to embark on adequate internet marketing planning so that they will not waste scare resources. it is very important for this to be done.

Internet marketing planning

Here are the right steps that organizations need to follow in order to carry out effective internet marketing planning. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.


#1 Determine the Corporate Business Strategy

Every business has a strategy. At least, there was a reason why such businesses are established.


The traditional marketing strategy is not completely different from traditional business strategy.


Therefore for a good Digital Marketer, he has to know what the organization set to achieve through traditional or Digital marketers.


Corporate strategy refers to the interrelationships between different business units in an organization. It has to do with how the various departments have decided to work together in order to achieve organizational goals.


This will allow the Digital Marketer to carry everyone along in achieving corporate goals. he also has to look at the business unit strategy of the organization. He needs to know how the marketing department, in particular, will achieve their marketing goals.


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#2 Evaluation

There is a need for the Digital Marketer to evaluate marketing opportunities that the organization can explore in promoting their products and services.


They have to come up with an adequate strategy that helps them to identify and reach their target audience. There is a need for them to gather and analyze data that will help them to identify their target audience and reach them with the right products and services.


#3 Organise

After you might have gathered all the data that you need to analyze in order to identify your right audience, you need to make sure that the data are logically organized in order to narrow down the strategy.


This will allow the Digital Marketer to look up at data about Facebook or Instagram customer and device means of reaching out to them.


He will also be able to determine the appropriate age groups that he needed to Target when he is trying to advertise on Facebook or Twitter.


#4 Develop a Marketing Strategy

When I did my first advertisement of Facebook, I did not have any specific goal, I just set out without a clear goal, I just wanted to have Facebook-like other people and ended up wasting money.


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Later on, when I looked at any Analytics and Facebook Insight, I know I have a better idea of which age group visits my blog post.


I now understand that most of my readers are from the United States.


Armed with that information, I can now find out where my target audience is located online. That will also assist me in choosing platforms that I should be targeting as well as the age group that will be perfect for.me.


This will also assist in setting marketing strategy goals, resources, and sequencing of actions that should be aligned with the business unit strategy of the organization.


#5 Type of Customer Experience

There is a need for you to determine the type of impression that you want to leave in the mind of your audience. In customer relationship management, this is often referred to as Brand Promise.


What do you want to do after they might have seen the campaign, having a customer experience strategy in place will assist the Digital Marketer to put all resources together so that the campaigns are designed in order to achieve those laudable goals.

#6 Preparing Information

The Digital Marketer as part of his internet marketing planning needs to prepare information that business wants to provide to his customer. He needs to make sure that information regarding the campaign and what the campaign set to achieve is made available to key stakeholders in the organization.


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#7 Planning the marketing program

There is a need for you to plan your marketing and decide on what you wish to achieve with the campaign. The main focus of any campaign should not be to make money or generate sales. You need to first create awareness and have a good reputation with customers which later translates for sales and emotional attachment from customers.


#8 Evaluating campaigns

Above all, after you might have executed the campaigns, you need to evaluate the result and consider the feedback. This will assist the Digital Marketer to refine the campaigns so that you can achieve better results.


Now your take on this argument.

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