6 Components Of Internal Enterprise Environmental Factors

6 Components Of Internal Enterprise Environmental Factors



Internal Enterprise Environmental Factors refers to conditions, not under the control of the project team that influences constrain, or direct the project. These conditions can be internal or external to the organisation.


EEFs are considered as inputs to many project management processes specifically for planning processes. These factors may enhance the constrain or options that are available for projects in any organization.  It should be noted that these factors may have a positive or negative impact on any organization. 

You also need to consider the Project culture of the organization as well. You have to consider policies and mannerism of each employee in an organization to determine how such behaviours will hinder the success of your project.


internal enterprise environmental factors


The major constraints…


#1 Organisational Culture and Structure

One of the major Enterprise Environmental Factor that can affect any project is the organizational culture and structure that exist in that organisation. Take, for example, a Project manager that founds himself in a Projectized organisation will find it much easier to achieve his project objectives that a Project Manager that is operating in a functional or weak matrix organization.


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You need to consider the project culture of the organization as well. You have to consider the policies and mannerisms of each employee in an organization to determine how such behaviours will hinder the success of your project.


#2 Geographic Distribution of facilities

 Another factor that can hinder the success of a project has to do with the availability or non-availability of resources within a particular location. The ability to get resources to a particular location will determine whether a certain project(s) can be carried out. 


At times, if you need to get resources to certain locations, it will end up increasing the overall cost of the project.


#3 Infrastructure

Also, the existing infrastructure(s) available in a country or a particular organization will also determine what can or what cannot be done in that particular country. This at times might include facilities, equipment, as well as telecommunication channels, IT infrastructures among others that are needed for effective project management. This can determine the type of project that an organization will want to embark upon.


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#4 Information Technology Software

The presence of information technology software or the absence of it can affect the success or failure of a project. Some of this software include scheduling software, configuration management tools, a web interface to online project management software tools as well as the presence of work authorization systems among others.


#5 Resource Availability

Another major internal Enterprise Environmental Factors that can affect Projects are resource availability for a project. The presence of the required resources to execute the project successfully will affect project positively or negatively. The availability of the required resources in terms of skill set, material, or finance for the project will go a long way in determining whether a project can be done or not.


#6 Employees capability

Another internal enterprise environmental factors that can determine the success or failure of a project is the capacity or skill level of employees that are going to participate in a project. You will never be able to do more than what your employees have to offer. At times, Project Managers are forced to consider use of external resources in order to guarantee or improve the success level of their project.


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