Internal Communication Department in Marketing Campaigns

Roles of Internal Communication Department in Marketing Campaigns



Internal communication departments help with the development of the content and the creative part of the digital marketing strategy. The communication department is usually structured with a PR team, content team, design team, and event team. Working in synchronicity helps create a holistic experience of the brand and product.



A digital marketer cannot work on his own to achieve their goal, therefore they need to inform the communication department at the early stage of the strategic planning in order to align efforts for a greater impact.



 It’s not uncommon that the communication and marketing departments are placed under the same department, MARCOM (Marketing Communications). Marketers usually work on initiating and integrating their strategy, working closely with the communications department.


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That being said, how does a digital marketer work with the communication department? A product launch is an example of the interactions that exist between the two departments and how they can work together.


 Marketers will think of the end customers, how to reach them, create awareness through the owned and paid media and create earned media with virality and influencers. But raising awareness also goes through generating content in the press online, in the news, in specialized media.


 The product content developed in marketing, the positioning, the main message and the creatives created by the digital marketing team will be passed on to the communication department where they develop the public and press relation strategy. This is added to the digital marketing strategy to achieve the main marketing objectives, of let’s say, raising awareness around the new product.

internal communication department

When marketers want to work with influencers this would follow under the shared responsibility as an influencer can also be part of the PR strategy. As the two departments may cross paths and decide on the strategy, it is essential to keep communication clear and open to prevent duplication of efforts, developing similar content and wasting time. Delivering messages that are misaligned can create confusion for the audience and their perception of the company.


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