Integrating Marketing Tools With Google Analytics

Integrating Marketing Tools With Google Analytics



Google Analytics allows you to link to other Google products and tools so that you can supplement your reports with additional insights. The main tools are available to do this with our Google AdWords, Google Search Console and DoubleClick by Google.


To link these additional tools you need to access the product linking section within the Property settings. Each of the available tools for linking are listed there and you can follow the instructions to link the tools. In most instances, you need to have admin access to both tools.

Integrating Marketing Tools

One of the tools to link is Google Search Console, another free tool provided by Google that enables webmasters and marketers to gain insight into indexing status and organic visibility of a website.

The tool itself is very insightful for organic search optimization, and one element, called search analytics, is what can be integrated into Google Analytics.


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The insights you can see within the Search Console section in Google Analytics includes details on organic search, keyword impressions, clicks and click-through rates for keywords and search terms, as seen in this Queries report example.

Additional reports that provide insights are landing pages, countries and devices from organic searches.


Another tool that can be integrated with Google Analytics is Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is an advertising service from Google that allows marketers to add advertisements on Google’s search and display networks, mostly paid search ads in Google’s search results page.

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By integrating Google AdWords, specific campaign data can be imported into Google Analytics which can provide a deeper insight into web activity by campaign or keyword, and provide more detail on what the traffic did once it came to the site following a paid click. Here is an example of an AdWords campaign report, detailing clicks, costs, and conversion information.


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