Means of integrating customer information through portals


Portals technology is known for provision of complete, reliable, viable solutions to a common set of problems.

Enterprise need to embrace the use of portal technology in order to reduce costs and this may require the integration and synchronization of existing systems available in the organization.

While it is nightly desire to achieve a  high level or transparency and knowledge sharing within the organisation, enterprise must be able to ensure that information at their disposal yields positive results in terms of usage. If not, it will lead to decreased productivity as employees handle information overload. Organisations should justify employee portal expenditures as enabling infrastructure.

The customer portal must be design in way that it will ease interaction among user and provide personalized contents which can be used to improved customers relationship.

 integrating customer information through portals

Partner portals need to incorporate necessary elements of the value chain to give a desirable value proposition to encourage further collaboration.

Enterprise portal in its design must be able to allow the organisation to develop intimacy with the customer, grow the relationship and raise the exit barrier of customer

  1. Elements of a Good Portal Design
  • It should have flow by life events.
  • It should be personalized to meet individual customer content
  • Customization
  1. Transactional Focus
  • Centurions
  • Blends with information and collaborative patterns
  • The response time must be faster
  • Confirmation of transactions.
  1. Collaboration
  • User to user
  • User to site owner capabilities such as ask the expert email in context, chat etc.
  1. Information Quality
  • Completeness
  • Current
  • Good use if multiple taxonomies
  • Search features
  • Dynamic FAQ based on searches
  1. Usability
  • Reasonable performance
  • Ability to work with old technology versions
  • Minimal scrolling on highest level pages
  • Consistent understandable and complete navigation.
  • Accessible to colour blind, deaf, poor eyesight and other people with disability.



At the end of this lesson, we have been able to discover that:

  1. Portals provides reliable and viable solution to common set of problems.
  2. Organisations should be able to justify their expenses on portals
  3. portals must allow organisation to develop intimacy with their customers and improve customers experience.

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