3 Major Inputs Of Schedule Management Plan

3 Major Inputs Of Schedule Management Plan


The schedule management plan is one of the tools that is needed when organisations need to determine how they are going to achieve there project deadlines on time. As Project Management, one of the critical angles of your project that you need to protect is the project schedule. You have to make sure that all machinery is in place in order to meet up with the project deadline. In this article, I want to look at some of the inputs of schedule management in an organisation. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

inputs of project schedule management

Here are some of the inputs of schedule management plans for projects…


#1 Subsidiary plans

One of the major tools that you will need when you are preparing a schedule management plan for a project is your project management plans. You will actually need your scope management plan which has to do with understanding what is and what is not part of the project. 

As part of the inputs of the schedule management plan, you will need to consider the developmental approach for your project. This has to do with the way and manner in which you are planning to execute the project. This will ultimately guide the total duration of the project.


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#2 Enterprise Environmental Factors

When it comes to enterprise environmental factors are limitations that organisations cannot do without. It has to do with rules and regulations that have been put in places but the project manager seems not to know what to do about it. It might also be external rules and regulations that are not really within the control of the organisation. 

One of the enterprise environmental factors that will likely affect the schedule management plan of a project has to do with the organisation culture and structure of the organisation. This will determine how power is being shared as well as other commitments that the project team members will have to meet up with. 


Another aspect of enterprise environmental factors that will affect project schedule management has to with team resource availability and skills. When you are using skilled workforce, they will be able to perform better and used little time to deliver compared to when unskilled workforce is the one performing the tasks.


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By and large, the schedule management software that you chose at time will also affect how you manage your project and the overall duration for the project. At times, it will determine how some of the project activities will be performed and how those activities will be recorded at the end of the day.


At times, you also need to consider the commercial database and records that are in public domains. As far as you will want to have some of your things in your own way, your competitors have already set a baseline for you to follow. You might not plan to surpass what they have not but you are not allowed to perform anything that is below the standard. This will also determine the likely duration for your project.


#3 Organisational Process Assets

Organisational Process Assets are tools at the disposal of the organisation that they can use when they are trying to achieve the objectives of the organisation. At times, many organisation have tools at their disposals that they can use to achieve the objectives of the project. 


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Some of this historical information includes historical information and lesson learned from previous projects, existing formal and informal schedule development, management and control related policies, procedures and guidelines. It may also include guidelines and criteria for tailoring the organisation’s set of standard processes and procedures to satisfy the specific needs of the project. This might also include templates and forms that have been used for the project as well as the monitoring and reporting that are required to run the project successfully. 


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