5 Initiating And Planning Activities That OPA Addresses

5 Initiating And Planning Activities That OPA Addresses




Initiating and Planning activities are one of the activities that happen in Project Lifecycle. They are always affected by organizational Process Assets which are tools and processes that organization has that can make their project to succeed. In this article, I want to talk about Initiating and planning activities and why we need OPA in order for it to be successful.


#1 Guidelines and Criteria

One of the Organizational Process Assets that is needed for initiating and planning are guidelines and criteria for Tailoring the organization’s set of standard processes and procedures to satisfy the specific need of this project. These guidelines will assist the organization in knowing how to tailor project standards in order to meet the specific need of the project.

5 Initiating And Planning Activities That OPA Addresses

#2 Specific Organizational Standards

There are also some specific standards that are stipulated based on the way the organization operates. Some of these standards include human resources, policies, health and safety policies, security and confidentiality policies among others. It also includes quality policies, procurement policies and environmental policies among others.


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Another Organizational Process Assets that is needed when you are carrying out Initiating and planning activities for a project includes project and product lifecycles. It also includes methods and procedures such as project management methods estimation, metrics, process audits, improvement targets, checklists and standardized process definitions for use in the organization.



Another Organizational Process Assets needed for initiating and planning activities include project management plans, project documents, project registers, report formats, contracts templates, risk categories, risk statement templates, probability and impact definitions, probability and impact matrixes, and stakeholder register templates among others.


There are also some documents that have to do with procurement and suppliers in a project. There is a need for the Project Manager to use this list and other contractual documents in a project. This might include fixed price, cost reimbursable and time and material contracts among others.


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