Have you ever heard about the concept of Information Technology Service Value in IT ? In this article, I want to break it down for you in such a way that you will never forget it. In case you are are not satisfied with my explanation. Make use of the comment box.


We have already established the fact that provision of service allows us to achieve our objective in any organization.

In this article, I want to look at the concept of Information Technology Service Value in IT service management. When we talk of Service Value, as the name implies , it has to do with organisation having a culture of service. They have to always consider how both business and I.T community can work together in order to add value to customers. They must ensure that whatever they are releasing to users’ community is able to fulfil its desired goal.



When we say a particular service has utility value. That means it is fit for purpose. It has the capability of performing the function that we want it to perform.


It also has all the enabling features that will allow it to perform the function that we want it to perform thereof.  When Utility value is added into any function, that also means it has the capability of increasing performance average of that particular products or services. Another thing that you should also note about utility is that, it has a limit. That is why you have to be realistic with your customers. Every product has a lifecycle. It will always get to a stage that the product will not be serviceable again.



Another factor to consider when talking about Service Value is the concept of Warranty. Warranty means that particular product or service is fit for Use. Adding Warranty to any product or service help us to reduce performance variation for a particular product or service.  That means in case such product is not able to perform what its supposed, the service provider can actually come in and correct any anomaly thereof.



In looking at Information Technology Service Value , you must have to built in utility and warranty into any product(s) and services that you are churning out to your customers.  You must have a dedicated team in place that do not only planned about how the project will be achieved but also plan about sustainability and continual improvement of such products and services.


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