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Information Technology Service Management has to do with all machinery that you have put in place in order to manage I.T projects. I am so glad to kick off this category. I am very sure that many would benefit from this series on Information Technology Service management. That will also be my focus for the rest of the year as well.


information technology service management
Information Technology Service Management or ITIL can be seen as a set a tools that talks about some of the best practises that must must be adopted when you need to carry out I.T services. It has been used over the years by many contemporaries and it proves to be working well.

Spome of these best practises are things that have been done else and they have proved to be successful. Due to their large success rate, they have been adopted as the best way to solve issues.

Information Technology Service management on the other hand can be seen as coordinated design, implementation and operation  of widely accepted frame work or best practises , methods and standards as part of an enterprise Information Technology Service Management continuous improvement programme.

Like I said, they have been seen to be true. Therefore, they are being used as a means of managing I.T project or improving on existing I.T infrastructure.
All these rest on what we can refer to as organisational capabilities which can be divided into processes and functions. I will not want want to discuss that in this article. Be rest assured that I will talk about it in my future articles.

Above all, there is something that we can refer to as I.T lifecycle which ITIL foundation rest on. We have:

  • Strategy

  • Design

  • Transition

  • Operation

  • Continual Service Improvement.



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