A closer look at Information Technology Process owner in ITIL

This article takes a closer look at Information Technology Process Owner in IT….

Have you ever given assignment with a deadline? An Information Technology Process owner will always be there to ensure that you do the right thing. Who is this individual if I may as? Maybe that is the question popping up in your mind. This article will definitely find answers to your questions.


In my previous article, I have talked about Function, Process and role in IT Service Management. In this article therefore, I want to look at who a Process Owner is in order for you to have an idea of the role he plays in IT Service management. Follow me as we look at it in this article.

information technology process owner

Information Technology Process Owner

The Information Technology Process Owner is an individual that has the responsibility of ensuring that the desired outcome is being achieved. The may not be the one carrying the tools but he has the ultimate approval authority over those that will perform a specific function. This can be the head of particular department in charge of any given assignment.

Process Manager in relation to Information Technology Process Owner

This is the man in charge of day to day management process. He can be in form of a Supervisor who actually report to the Head of Department who supervises many Supervisors working under him. The Process Manager understand your role. He might even have a knowledge of your discipline. He actually ensures that you handle your role appropriately.


Resources in relation to Information Technology Process Owner

This is everything you have at your disposal in order to achieve a particular objective. This can be in form of money or other materials that you need to achieve any given assignment set before you. Resources that you or the organisation have at time will determine how far you can go in terms of meeting the needs of your customers. That will go a long way in determining the sustainability of your ITIL project.



In a nutshell, we have talked about the Information Technology Process Owner. His role is very paramount and important if an organisation wants to succeed in their ITIL Project. A good I.T Manager must factor all these in, when planning to run a successful IT campaign.


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