8 Major Information and Technology Questions for ITIL 4

8 Major Information and Technology Questions for ITIL 4



In my previous articles on the information and technology dimension as part of service management in ITIL 4, I have looked at the two major aspects of IT Service Management. In this article, I want to look at the six major information and technology questions that you need to ask when you are handling this dimension in ITIL 4. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.


8 major information and technology questions for ITIL 4

Here are the questions:

#1 Compatibility

You need to ask if the new IT tool or technology that you are about to introduce is compatible with existing architecture in the organisation. You will not want to introduce a technology that your stakeholders will not be able to use.


#2 Right Skill-set

You also need to ask whether the organisation has the right skill set to operate the new technology. This will determine whether you have someone that can manage the new tool. You might also decide to contract out the service or train one of your staffs to manage the new technology.


#3 Compliance issues

There is a need for you to check if the new technology that is been introduced raised any compliance or security issues. If you are introducing any technology, you have to make sure it does not expose or compromise data of customers.

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If also have to abide by the rules and regulations governing that particular industry. In Nigeria for example, all sim cards must be registered before it can be used. Also, any new sim that is not used within 48 hours will be blocked.


Telecom providers have to make sure that they abide by these rules and regulations from the Nigeria Communication Commission.


#4 Automation capabilities

Another information and technology questions that you need to ask about your new innovation is: if it has enough automation capabilities to be developed, deployed and operated? Does it allow customers to perform some task without asking for permission from the organisation? This will allow employees to concentrate on a more important task without placing much burden on the front desk.


#5 Continuous viability

Also, when you are designing your technology or you are planning to implement any tool for your customers, you have to make sure that it is a viable technology that will not only be relevant for now but for the future as well.


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You must ensure that you consider the scalability of any technology that you are trying to adopt. Do not forget that technology is not stable but you have to choose a technology that you can always build upon.


#6 Additional capabilities

There is a need for you to ask if the new technology that you are introducing has additional capabilities that can be leveraged on for other products and services. That means you must consider how this technology will not only perform its primary purpose but also contribute to the development of other aspects of the organisation.


#7 major alignment

One other factor to consider when it comes Information and technology service management is alignment with the Service provider and consumer expectation.



You are not expected as a Service Provider to adopt any technology just because you can afford to pay for it. It must be that the technology that you have decided to adopt can help you to meet the need of your consumers.


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#8 Any new risk?

In assessing the new technology that you have adopted, you have to know whether it introduced new risks to the organisation that needs to be addressed. You must be able to analyse the probability and impact of those new risks as well as coming up with risk response strategies in order to address those risks in the long run.



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