6 Information and Technology Criteria In ITIL 4


Information and technology have permeated all aspects of our society today. In fact, it is becoming extremely difficult to do anything without IT. In this article, I want to look at six Information and technology criteria for ITIL 4. That means these criteria must be present if any organization wants to make anything meaningful out of ITIL 4. Now, let us look at some of these criteria in this article.

6 Information and Technology criteria in ITIL 4


#1 Availability

It is the duty of the Service Provider to ensure that resources are always available for service consumers to use. He has to put all measures in place in order to ensure that service consumers do not have to complain about the service. That is not always the case because organisations always find it difficult to provide consistent service always.


#2 Reliability

There is a need for the organization to provide services that the service consumer can rely on. They have to make sure that all the required expertise is made available in order for them to serve their customers better. This will include finding out what customers are actually looking for through active feedback mechanisms.


#3 Accessibility

Another major thing that you have to know about information and technology criteria is that it must be accessible to end-users. there is a need to automate the whole process so that they would not have to seek permissions before they can perform the basic processes such as transfer from one account to another or checking of account balances among others.


#4 Timeliness

The organization also has to make sure that the information comes in a timely manner. They have to make sure that they do not delay in delivering their service to service consumers who needed such services. This will definitely increase the customer loyalty and satisfaction level of their customers.


#5 Accuracy as part of information and technology criteria

it is very essential for Service Providers to ensure that their services are accurate. They also have to make sure that every information that they are going to provide for service consumers about their service offerings are accurate so that they can make an accurate decision on which service to request for at any given time.


#6 Relevance

It is also pertinent that the stakeholder should ensure that all information provided to the service consumers are relevant. They have to find out what the service consumers are actually looking for and package their products and services in order to meet the needs of their consumers. This will assist the service provider to deliver value to its consumers.


The second dimension of IT Service Management which is Information and Technology is been divided into two groups which are:


Here are the two major components of IT in ITIL 4

#1 Technology Supporting Service Management

#2 Technology Supporting IT Services.


Under Technology Supporting Service Management we have services such as workflow management, knowledge bases, communication systems, analytical tools, inventory systems, remote collaborations, mobile platforms, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions as well as machine learning.

2 major components of IT in ITIL 4

Also, under Technology Supporting IT Services we have services such as IT architecture, applications, databases, communication systems, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, cloud computing as well as mobile applications.



In my previous article, I have looked at some of the facts that you need to know about Service management in ITIL 4. In this article, I want to look at some of the facts that you need to know about the concept of Utility and Warranty in ITIL 4. Follow me as we look at this together in this article.

Revealed: 3 Major Facts About Utility and Warranty

What then is utility?

Utility can be seen as the functionality offered by a product or service to meet the need of a particular customer. Utility has to do with what a particular product or service can do for you that makes it useful or valuable.

it has do do with what a particular service can do for those that are interested in that particular service. It is also what will determine whether a particular service is “fit for use” or not.


Utility among other things also requires that the product supports the customer or removes constraints from the customers.


Warranty on the other hand…

Warranty is the assurance that a product or service will meet the agreed requirement. it is the assurance that the product or service will be able to fulfill the purpose for which customers purchase such products or services.

It basically has to do with how the product performs after purchase.

By and large, warranty in ITIL 4 can be used to determine whether a particular product is ” fit for purpose”.


It is also meant to address areas such as availability, capacity, security levels and continual usage of a particular product or service.


Above all, warranty in ITIL 4 requires that a service has defined and agreed on terms and conditions that are met. If the seller falls short of any of these terms and conditions, corrective steps need to be taken to address the anomaly.



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