/Use of backstage info tabs in microsoft project

Use of backstage info tabs in microsoft project






 The info Tab in Microsoft Project 2013 is located at the backstage. It provides us with an opportunity to add some basic information to our Project Interface.


 When you look closely at the graphics above , you will see that you can add your own application to Microsoft Project through the info Tab. That is not my primary focus of discussion at this moment . I am more particular about focusing on the area where you have project information and advanced properties.


info backstage microsoft project

In looking at the Info Tab in Microsoft Project, the question might be asked: what are some of its use. When you want to add basic information to a project, which tells people what the project set to do and who the Project Manager is. You have to use this section of the info tab. Just click on the Project information , you will now see that it has a drop down arrow which contains ” Project Statistics” and “Advanced Properties”. You can use the Project statistics to see a general overview of your project.



When you look at the diagram below, when I clicked on “Advanced Properties, I have this kind of Pop Up.



If you closely at my Pop up, we have other tabs besides the Summary Tab, we also have Statistics, Content and Custom Tab. Let’s see if we can look at some of their functions.



 general tab

In Looking at the Info Tab in Microsoft Project , we can talk of the General Tab, The General Tab gives you a general overview of the Project. It is here that you can see the data that the document was created as well as the series of modification  that has happened to the document since the day it was created . This is where you can also stipulate what type of permission level other users have. This  include those that can modify the document. You can also hide it from other users.




statistic tab

This also does something similar to the General Tab. It allows you to view the overall statistics of the info Tab as well as the last date that the information at this section of the info Tab was modified.



custom tab

Looking at the info Tab in Microsoft Project 2013, we can talk of the Custom Tab. This is where you can make this section of the Project information Tab to work in your own way. It allows you set some rules that determines how the project information is been shared.



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