Influence more people on LinkedIn with these simple methods

By increasing your presence on social networks, especially on LinkedIn, you can achieve a better relationship with your customers. With a few simple changes and methods, you can grow and influence as many people as possible on LinkedIn. Below we have listed some tips that you can implement without much effort.

Selectively search for the right people for you
Find people who post often and have between 10 and 30 thousand followers. Study their posts. Look at how they respond to people’s comments. Comment on their posts with meaningful thoughts and questions as opposed to just a “nice post” or “I like it!”

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Gather the courage to contact these micro-influencers. Personalize each message and share a special post of theirs that you liked the most. Make a simple request for a 15-20 minute conversation to get some tips.

Get involved in a pod
A pod is a small group of people who support each other as they grow into a specific project.

Look for models. Notice the same people commenting on people’s posts in your feed. Then just contact some of these people telling them you like their content. Invite them to be part of your journey by forming a pod.

Focus on others rather than on yourself
When people start creating content, it often happens that they forget to consume the content of others. Double what you bring to others and in return, the reward will be returned to you.

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Your personal growth journey on LinkedIn is largely rooted in the support of others.

Post content that shows who you are, not what you do
Many people who want to be seen as looking to build connections, network well and grow a brand or business believe that boasting about their achievements will push them towards greatness.


They write about customer success stories. Indicate how many likes or views or comments their posts have received in the past. But that does not create real impact. Rather, it creates further divisions between the influencer and the influenced, making the influenced feel as if they can never achieve what the influencer is doing. But this should not be the case. Impact is about inspiration.

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Something that benefited a lot from LinkedIn was understanding and appreciating what other people were doing, and then going in the opposite total direction. Share the stories of others, comment on the achievements of others as much as possible, share your lessons from your career, etc.

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