Individual households and customers retention

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Here is how you can get more customers through individual households…

Now you want to get more customers…

In my previous articles, I have talked about the different categories of customers you can have in an organization and the need for you to identify all types of the customer base as this will help you to plan your interaction with them and meet them at the right place with the right products and services.

In this article, I want to talk about the law of influence value in a household. Do you think my own choice as a person can affect my wife as a customer?  We want to look at how CRM can help you to make more household customers.

individual households
A household customer can be since as the type of customer that you make through an existing customer that is already a customer to your organisation. The customer in question is introducing his people because he is satisfied with your products or services.
If we look at the concept of household critically, we will see that it is ever dynamic. Some traditional organizations look at it from the aspect of surname or address but that is not always the case. A Customer Relationship Management savvy organization must widen the net if they want to maximize the influence of household value in a customer-centric enterprise.
In a traditional household which does not only include father, mother and their children. It may also include elderly parents who might not be sharing the same last name or address with the immediate family but they have the capacity to influence each other’s opinion as far as products or services offering is concerned.
When we look at this very well, there is the need for me to analyze household relationship and the need for organizations to take cognizance of this while analyzing their customers as well. You should know that it is only when you are able to satisfy your customers that you can make more household customers
Once you have a savings account in Nigeria, the bank tends to underrate you. What most of the banks have failed to do is that they have not tried to trace the relationships of their customers with their household. The scenario is that banks can raise an eyebrow is, if I go to the bank and ask for my name and I tell them that my Name is Niyi Dangote. As soon as I utter that I utter that word, they started asking more questions. But if I tell them my name is Niyi Danladi, nobody cares to find out if there is any profitable relationship that I keep, that can profitable to the bank. Banks in Nigeria are really missing out on this.
One thing that is very common in my own part of the planet is that people tend to operate multiple bank accounts. I have at least five different bank accounts and only one current account. When I get to the bank where I have my savings account, they will never suspect that I am capable of having a current account. The only thing bank does is that your accounts are in one place. If I want to open a Domiciliary Account, for example, it will just be under my main account. That allows them to track my worth in a way, but what of my accounts in other banks or people I can influence as a satisfied or disgruntled customer. some household customers can be gained if only organisation find time to dig deep into customer profiles.
If I may offer a free consulting service here, the best way to know your customers is to track their social interactions on social media. It is also another way to get more customers. The best person that can do that is the Account Officer. If I have you as a friend on Facebook or other social media platform, your friends automatically become my friend.
I can have access to your friends’ list and see your level of influence. This will help the organization to know the customer better, know their influence level and the type of relationship they keep. This will help you to track them, get new customers through them and retain them as customers as well.

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